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Ribery fear will leave the Bundesliga Outside [Chinese shoes network] 2007, Munich Auden Square ????? that cathedral, wearing Ludwig III Huangpao Ribery image far you can appear in the eyes of pedestrians. "Bavaria has a new Caesar!" With advertisers mouth, Bayern shouted such rhetoric. However, two years later, as the same time a huge poster, "Scar Man" the whereabouts of the new season have been well known in the city of Munich: "Bavaria is about to lose one of Cheap air jordans for sale Caesar" - his next station? "Daily Sport newspaper," the answer: Barcelona. Catalan newspaper so answer back, not from the blind guess addiction. In fact, the latest trends Ribery gave them enough confidence: Yesterday, the French winger in a Nike provide valid until June 2014 endorsement contract signed his name. According to the "Daily Sport newspaper," to describe this as much, "opened a new chapter in the club to leave Germany." As we all know, as the curren cheap foamposites t owner Franck Ribery, Bayern Munich has a 10% shareholding in the German sports brand Adidas's hands, which is what Nike's biggest competitor on the global market. Of course, even with the individual and the club's sponsors different enough to decide the fate of the next player. You know, the Nike camp in Barcelona, ??Lionel Messi and Xavi's two main Adidas endorsement star, and was originally an American brand chief representative of Ronaldinho, now also appear cheap jordans online s in the Adidas camp of AC Milan. Even Franck Ribery in Munich from Marseille to switch on its sponsorship contract he has also appeared with the words "Goddess of Victory" (NIKE) of. But the latter case special is that German soldiers during and scar signed, it raised hopes that he and Nike after the existing contract expires in 2010, immediately switched to Adidas sects proposal, and has been French verbal commitment. But now, the original sponsorship contract ha cheap jordans for sale mens s not expired, Ribery again and extended the partnership with Nike. There is no doubt, though still represented in the media to respect the existing employment contract, Frenchman uses an alternative way to express his determination to leave. Similarly, in the club, although Beckenbauer and Rummenigge has claimed that "the players sponsors to change the situation will not affect the cooperation between them and the team," but the rise of Franck Ribery Bayern cont Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ract without notice Nike's behavior felt dissatisfied. In fact, Nike and Franck Ribery's contract is likely to present with their camp about to sign a wealthy closely linked - especially in La Liga, with the departure of Ronaldinho, Kaka will join Real Madrid, and Valencia with Nike suspension of cooperation relations, the impact of the American brand in Iberia has been fully behind Adidas, even if its only remaining giants Barcelona star Lionel Messi headed, wore Retro jordans for sale shoes but also from the German brand. difficult to see, standing on Nike's position, currently rumored Manchester United, Barcelona, ??Chelsea, Real Madrid four intentionally Ribery potential buyers, the first should plan to go after the two clubs Adidas camp s name. As for Manchester United, although the identity of the character C Lo is also possible to switch to Madrid, but in the Premier League, American brands at least there heavyweight teams like Arsenal ma Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping intain brand influence ...... therefore, it will no doubt be compared to manufacturing in the Premiership, Franck Ribery greater brand effect.item: 705344-027 release date: January 17, 2015in recent years, 3D printing technology is becoming more and more perfect, and Nike as a shoe giant, has also been 3D printing technology trial in part of the shoe, and as the future direction of the production of shoes. For the 3D printing technology of the shoes is a classic A cheap jordans for sale ir Force 1 high, and is this shoe prototype and football shoes parts for printing prototype, a good solve some shoes on the details of the shoe uppers were unable to reproduce the first version of the shape of the problem. source: sneakernews"if, the best of the Spanish ham, the best Catalonia Coca bread, and a combination of bicycle culture together...... What will happen?" Barcelona architecture firm external reference architects designers think so, then design o cheap jordan shoes for men ut a mix and match style, with Barcelona local characteristics of the store. this is a "ham on the wheel" of the fast food restaurants, the supply of cakes, sandwiches, with tomatoes to eat baked bread (AMB tomà Pa; quet, Catalonia classic food). The designer said, "Coca bread" is also a local flavor, it is a hard texture, taste like pizza flat bread. Shop is not large, only 40 square meters of area, a small space in the cohesion of the Barcelona people on t Retro jordans for sale he ham and the love of the bike. had not yet entered the shop door, ceiling hanging ham on the eye. If you have been to Spain or a little understanding of the Spanish culture, you must not feel strange. Ham is the local unique and very important food, market, ham shops, bars, and some small restaurants often put the fire leg armchair. hanging ham is very conspicuous ham is an important ingredients of the store meals, hanging up has become a dazzling decoration. And unlike other places, where the "ham" wrapped in colorful fabric, painted wheels, or wrote the word "Barcelona's best beer", "outer", "fast food", "wheel of Barcelona", also to advertising posters. the door on the right side of the wall a pair of humorous "fresco", wall surface carve out a pattern in riding a bicycle, revealing a layer of red brick pig, in a playful way to the wall increased sense of texture. According to the designers, this pattern implies a happy pig". They believe that the best ham are made from happy pigs, and only those who are comfortable in their natural state are happy. In the designer's brain hole, these pigs in Barcelona city free ride. on the wall there is a free ride of the pig (skeleton) bike is another theme of the fast food restaurant. From brand logo to the indoor main tone, with bright yellow color, it is commonly used on the road traffic police wear vest, traffic safety island and other traffic signs to the color. Concrete ground simulation Road, painted a series of road signs, such as marked pedestrian and cycle lanes, also has arrowhead guide customers to different areas of the store. real bike also appeared in the store, designers put it hanging on the wall as a decoration. It is worth mentioning and dining seats, except in the case of the yellow bar stools and some position is designed with bicycle saddle, even with a pedal. rich bike elements 〉