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is now more and more people love outdoor sports, riding a car, to go with friends and a step, a camp to go to the mountains this weekend, a healthy lifestyle is more and more popular with young people. However, in our more and more people into the mountains and enjoy the natural and natural ecological systems have been our influence. Many bikers and hikers in out biking or hiking, camping, can consciously do not throw garbage, but they are not enough environmental protection? I'm afraid not. Moreover, there is still a weak environmental awareness of some of the riders / tour pal litter, th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e phenomenon is still very common. Take advantage of the warmer weather we have deployed on the occasion, Xiaobian to sharing with you should follow the principle of an outdoor sports in the process of LNT principle. more and more people love to field spend weekends and holidays, but also brought pressure to the natural environment LNT that is No Trace Leave, meaning no trace of mountain forest. In the 1960s, the rise of the outdoor sports in the United States, greatly increased the number of outdoor sports and camping, but a lot of people in the outdoor sports in the process of awareness Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping of environmental protection has not kept pace to the 1970s when outdoor sports on the natural environment and human resources influence even destroy that caused the attention of relevant departments. From this time began the relevant departments will work with professionals and non-governmental organizations, together with the education of people in the outdoor sports need to comply with the principles of environmental protection, LNT principle is gradually formed during this period. To 1994, Leave The No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics was founded in the world to spread the principles of cheap jordans for sale LNT, outdoor sports enthusiasts how to enjoy the outdoors while protecting the environment. although LNT principles were originally developed for hiking activities, but is the so-called riding on foot is not separation, Xiaobian think these principle also applies to ride. LNT principle of the historical origins of the simple introduction, the following is its specific content, in order to facilitate the understanding, some of the details of the small make up their own ideas. first, plan and prepare in advance (Ahead and Prepare Plan) here refers to advance planning and preparation, in ad cheap jordan shoes for men dition to what we usually do the anterior preparation, including some related environment and prepare in advance. prior to prepare to go to the mountains to play happily, and does not destroy the local natural environment 1. prior knowledge about where you will go to related regulations and the need to pay special attention to matters / regulations, for example, you want to cross the unmanned Qiangtang area, you have to prior knowledge of some regulations about wildlife conservation in this region, know what not to do. 2. is ready to respond to extreme weather, danger and emergency. 3. pre Retro jordans for sale arranged trip to avoid peak travel, this is mainly to avoid the impact of human activities on the local ecological system, if short.adidas and Harden James signed a paper up to 13 years of contract in October 1st officially entered into force, after the official publicity campaign kicked off. Harden usher in a number of shoes in the home, there are many models for the first time exposure, causing considerable concern. Harden will be wearing Boost Crazylight 2015 in the new season before the debut of the personal shoe. Crazylight boost 2015 using incremental boost and Primeknit technology Cheap air jordans for sale as the core, the shock absorbers, coating and comfortable adjusted to a consistent level. In the shoes of the sea world, colorful colors have appeared in the shoes. However, player version of the adidas for harden to return to the most simple, the most simple approach, it actually brings new ideas. In addition, weaving, build the vamp brings our imagination, even if there is no colorful color mixing style, but only use a solid color will be technical texture reveal without involuntary discharge of urine, will also be the shoes of the gear outline very carefully. Source: nicekickswhat-if-ka cheap foamposites ws-x-yeezy-boost-350-v2what-if-kaws-x-yeezy-boost-350-v2-0003.jpg (332.99 KB, download number: 37) download KAWS x adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 customized version of 2017-2-2 09:04 upload Although the world's major shoe brand manufacturers outsource their production to Vietnamese companies, Vietnamese domestic enterprises are unable to participate in the global production supply chains of these well-known shoes brands. : : Despite the outsourcing of production to Vietnamese companies by major global shoe brand manufacturers, Vietnamese domestic enterprises are unable to participate in t cheap jordans for sale mens he global production supply chains of these well-known shoes brands. : from the Vietnam News reported in December 6th: it is estimated that every year about hundreds of millions of pairs of shoes, Nike or Adidas shoes produced in vietnam. However, the domestic shoe-making enterprises in Vietnam have found it difficult to compete with foreign companies. Vietnam has about 80 shoe factories for Adidas. These factories are 90% Korean and Taiwanese investment, including Pou, Yuen, Vietnam, PungKook, Saigon, III and so on. Most of them are located in Hu Zhiming City, Pingyang Province cheap jordans online , Chennai and Xining provinces. it is reported that Adidas has about 1200 foundries in 65 different countries. Last year, Vietnam was one of the five major producers of Adidas in asia. Adidas has about 100 stores in Vietnam, Nike is 30, and Nike has 75 kinds of shoes produced in vietnam. Nike has settled in Vietnam since 1995 and has established partnerships in Vietnam with 10 Korean factories and factories in Taiwan. According to statistics, 75% of Nike's workforce comes from asia. : according to business magazine, in 2013, Vietnamese factories produced 42% of Nike's global sho Retro jordans for sale e sales, more than China and Indonesia. Vietnam leather and Footwear Association said that in recent years, Nike, Adidas and Puma and other well-known footwear brands are generally looking for outsourcing business partners in Vietnam, Bangladesh and China instead. however, the arrival of these shoe brands did not bring real benefits to Vietnamese manufacturers. Lefaso, chairman of Vietnam leather and Footwear Association said that the FTA brings many benefits to attract, Vietnam local shoe factory and foreign shoe factory to use raw materials of Vietnamese domestic production, in order to enjoy preferential tariff. The localization rate of footwear products is about 55-60%, but most of these locally produced shoes are produced and supplied raw materials by foreign companies. in this regard, insiders also said Vietnamese enterprises should not have too much hope of large multinational companies, Vietnamese local enterprises it is difficult to participate in the production and supply chain of these international famous brand, is only the agent processing only, and can not really grasp the production technology. for now, internationally renowned shoes.)Large business groups on Youku Youku Youku Tudou Links advertising Youku hit movie variety Music Documentary Information children's public sports car technology finance and entertainment culture tourism are funny cartoon game education film library members find product center PC client mobile phone client intelligent hardware video cloud users open fish numbers to support traditional version of online feedback network culture operation license the [2014]0934-236 network card Beijing Beijing Wei Wangshen [2013] 0209 network 110 alarm service drug service license (Beijing) - -2015-0029 management program production license Beijing No. 670 business license please carefully read the user Youku protocol, copyright, anti piracy hotlinking statement Copyright? 2017 Youku copyright adverse information report Tel: 4008100580 information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit 010828 Number 3 business license, Beijing ICP card 060288, network publishing service license, Beijing Internet reporting center, Beijing 12318 cultural market hotline, operating website APP Download Beijing Public Security 11000002000017 network cultureCurrently own: happened: