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Our History

GRUPO ALVES DA SILVA has been investing in the swimming pool market since 1985 with the company SOPISCINAS, which is present in Portugal and in Mozambique. SOPISCINAS has all the tools and skills to the development of all kind of projects related with pools. It starts at the idealization process, in which the company partners up with the best architects and project offices, up to the construction, installation of all equipment and daily maintenance. Alongside with these, SOPISCINAS offers a personalized post-selling assistance service, which allows a fast and effective response to all market’s requests. Currently SOPISCINAS has at its Client’s disposal a vast portfolio of products, once its main objective is to be the leader supplier of pool professionals and end customers in the Northern region of Portugal and in all Mozambican territory, both in residential and public pool facilities.

Quality and Excellence

Products sold by SOPISCINAS, through its own brand “DOLPHIN” in Portugal, are recognized by its quality, since they are made in collaboration with the best existing industries in the market. SOPISCINAS has its own warehouse in Braga, Portugal (Parque Industrial do Feital) and in Maputo, Mozambique (Av. Das F.P.L.M.) featuring also two retail stores of direct sell to the general public in both cities (Parque Industrial do Feital and Ponto Final, respectively) where it offers a wide range of products at unbeatable prices for retailers and end consumers.

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Parque Industrial do Feital, Lote 10/11
4700-152 Braga - Portugal


+351 253 687 030


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Av. das F.P.L.M., N.º 226
4681 Maputo - Moçambique


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